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Concert Review- The Low Anthem April 28, 2011

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The Low Anthem- Amos' Southend, Charlotte, NC

Where: Amos’ Southend, Charlotte, NC

When: April 26, 2011

They were billed as the opening act for the usually mellow Iron and Wine, but I must admit I was a little more excited to see The Low Anthem than Sam Beam and his band. I discovered this little band in 2009 when I picked up their album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. It was one of those rare moments with music when you connect with an album on the first listen.  And while I was not as instantly in love with their new album Smart Flesh, it has grown on me and I think it is a really solid piece of work.

I think what makes this band special is the otherworldliness of their sound.  The deep hum of clarinets paired with the echoes of violin strings and Ben Knox Miller’s haunting vocals makes for a distinct sound indeed.

The concert was at Amos’ Southend, and feeling shamed for always speaking so badly about the place, I really did try to like it when I went this time. I did not succeed. Despite my frustration with the venue for reasons I won’t get in to, I did manage to get a really good spot to enjoy the show.

The band played around 8 songs in their set, starting with their softer tunes and moving into more boisterous songs like their new single “Boeing 747.”

I am going to be brutally honest now, and you can only be brutally honest when something is important to you: I was completely disappointed by this band’s live show. They seemed like they were going through the motions with very little interaction with the audience and zero stage presence. For a band whose album is so painfully beautiful, I felt nothing watching them.

Now granted, the chatty crowd did not help the situation. And maybe Amos’ was just the wrong venue for this type of act, but whatever the case I was a little embarrassed by how much I had touted this band to my friends after seeing their live show.

I consider myself a forgiving person though and I know that everyone has off days, so I will see if this band that I love so much can redeem themselves when they open for Mumford and Sons in June. Fingers crossed!

Here are a couple of videos I took from the show. To see all of the videos, head over to my YouTube page at


Boeing 737


2 Responses to “Concert Review- The Low Anthem”

  1. Liz Says:

    First time I’ve seen Low Anthem was tonight, opening for Mumford & Sons at the Fox. Another chatty crowd, and I too had hyped them up to my friends. Curious to read your review of them this time around. Also of M&S. Bigger venue, bigger audience, great show but didn’t sense the same connection as at Buckhead Theater, but that’s just my initial takeaway. I’ll have to sleep on it.

    So glad I stumbled on your blog! You’ve either been to a lot of the shows I have to have been to the ones I wanted to go to.

  2. bethstephenson84 Says:

    Hey Liz! I’m super sad to report that I wasn’t able to make it to the Mumford & Sons show. I had tickets for the Raleigh show which was in an outdoor amphitheater and I was a little nervous it would be too big and feel disconnected like you said. I had friends who said it was a great show, but I can’t imagine it was as awesome as the one at Buckhead Theater.
    As for the Low Anthem, I wonder if they are out of their element opening for these bigger bands. I would totally pay the $20 to see them headline in a smaller, quieter venue.
    Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback!

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