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Concert Review: Iron and Wine April 28, 2011

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Iron and Wine- Charlotte, NC

Where: Amos’ Southend, Charlotte, NC

When: April 26, 2011

I don’t think I was alone in thinking that this show would be a dreamlike sequence, complete with Sam Beam sitting on a wooden stool strumming his acoustic guitar while crooning soft and sweet grown-up lullabies.  In fact, while I was waiting in line for the show, I heard a girl remark something like “I hope I don’t fall asleep during the show.”

We would later find out that sleep would be almost impossible during the 2+ hour set of up-tempo songs that ranged closer to blues and funk than sleepy singer-songwriter.

While I knew the latest Iron and Wine album Kiss Each Other Clean, was a departure from Sam Beam’s characteristically minimal sound, I still expected to see a glimmer of the softer side. But even when taking a break from the big band sound to play old favorites like “Naked As We Came,” the sound was still shockingly much more robust than the original.

He played 19 songs, including the encore, and they spanned most of his discography with the majority being from Kiss Each Other Clean. The sound at Amos’ was a little better than usual so we were able to hear more of the one million instruments being played and less of that scratchy amp sound I have come to associate with Amos’.

Overall, I thought the band put on a great show. It was a sold out show and it was difficult to hear Beam speak over the chatty crowd, so he might have had some really hilarious banter going…we will never know.

I guess the only complaint I have is just my own unfamiliarity with this new sound. There were a few times during the show that the band ventured out into long, tedious jam sessions that just felt foreign to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro growth and exploration for musicians. It keeps things interesting. But I would have liked to have heard some of the old Iron and Wine without the unnecessary additional sounds.

Here the rundown of the setlist:

  1. Rabbit Will Run
  2. Sunset Soon Forgotten
  3. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
  4. Summer in Savannah
  5. Wolve (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog
  6. Walking Far From Home
  7. Cinder and Smoke
  8. Half Moon
  9. He Lays in the Reins
  10. Naked As We Came
  11. Swans and the Swimming
  12. Me and Lazarus
  13. Boy With A Coin
  14. Lion’s Mane
  15. House by the Sea
  16. Woman King
  17. Fever Dream
  18. Tree by the River


  1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth

I took tons of video from this show, and here are a few. To see more, check out my YouTube page at Enjoy!

Me and Lazurus

Rabbit Will Run


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