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Best Albums of 2010 November 30, 2010

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I know it’s a bit of a faux pas to put this list out before the year is out, but I did it last year and still stand by those picks so I’m putting my list out there world (or just my 2 readers).

This year in music has been so fun. Albums like Laura Marling’s I Speak Because I Can and Beach House’s Teen Dream felt like classics the first time I listened to them, and I suspect they will become so. In fact I suspect several years from now we will still be talking about many of these albums and reflecting on how they’ve changed music for the better.

I got a lot of flak last year for including an EP in my Best of 2009 list, so this year, I have included two! Ha!  A compilation is a compilation and if it’s good it deserves to be on someone’s list.  So there.

I love feedback. Do you hate my list? Love it? What were your favorite albums of the year.

  1. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
  2. Laura  Marling- I Speak Because I Can
  3. Beach House- Teen Dream
  4. Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More
  5. The National- High Violet
  6. Sufjan Stevens- The Age of Adz/ All Delighted People EP
  7. Local Natives- Gorilla Manor
  8. Vampire Weekend- Contra
  9. Zola Jesus- Stridulum II
  10. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  11. Girls- Broken Dreams Club EP
  12. Broken Bells- Broken Bells
  13. Frightened Rabbits- The Winter of Mixed Drinks
  14. Suckers- Wild Smile
  15. The Black Keys-Brothers
  16. Joanna Newsom- Have One on Me
  17. First Aid Kit – The Big Black and The Blue
  18. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid
  19. Gayngs – Relayted
  20. Band of Horses- Infinite Arms
  21. The Walkmen- Lisbon
  22. Jonsi- Go
  23. Sleigh Bells-Treats
  24. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
  25. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

UPDATE**** I totally forgot to give EXTRA props to Mumford and Sons and Sufjan Stevens who both have double the presence on my list this year. M&S did back up vocals and instrumentals on Laura Marling’s I Speak Because I Can, and Sufjan Stevens did back up vocals and instrumentals on The National’s High Violet.


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