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Concert Review: Mumford & Sons November 10, 2010

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Where: Buckhead Theatre-  Atlanta, GA

When: November 7, 2010

It’s no secret that Mumford & Sons’ Sigh No More is one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s been in regular rotation on my iPod since its release in February, and I’ve considered it my personal mission to be a one woman marketing machine for this band.

On the surface, the album is chocked full of lovely harmonies, knee slapping banjos and great can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head choruses. But then, after a few listens, you find wonderful complexities within the music and extremely pensive and sometimes dark lyrics that really make for a thoughtful album. It’s already secured a spot in my top 5 albums of the year, easily.

I had been anticipating this concert for about 2 months, but I was sure that even if they just came on stage, played a recording of their album and walked off, I would have a blast. They, of course, did much more than that and a blast was definitely had.

The show opened with the eccentric King Charles followed by the very energetic Cadillac Sky. Both were great choices for opening acts as they incorporated their British roots with King Charles while paying homage to their bluegrass roots with Cadillac Sky.

The concert was held in the newly renovated Buckhead Theatre and I couldn’t image a more perfect sized venue for this type of show. The Theatre holds about 2,100 people during standing room performances, and because this show was sold out and tickets were going for something ridiculous like $250 apiece, the place was most certainly at capacity.

This only made the experience more exciting for me, though. The crowd was so high energy through the entire set, even during performances of the band’s new material (which is right on par with Sign No More’s tracklist) that it created a sort of fan camaraderie where we were instant friends because of our mutual love of the band.

The band played the entire album, sprinkling some new material throughout the set. The sound quality was great and they have such an infectious energy that it was nearly impossible to sit still. The vocals were great and the harmonies mirrored the album perfectly.

They opened with the natural choice, “Sigh No More”, and closed with “Dustbowl Dance” but not before Cadillac Sky joined them onstage for “Awake My Soul”. The encore featured an amazing cover of The Avett Brother’s “Go To Sleep”.

Here’s the setlist:

  1. Sigh No More
  2. Roll Away Your Stone
  3. Winter Winds
  4. White Blank Page
  5. Below My Feet
  6. Timshel
  7. Gave You All
  8. Little Lion Man
  9. Lover of the Light
  10. Thistle & Weeds
  11. Broken Crown
  12. After the Storm
  13. Awake My Soul (with Cadillac Sky
  14. Dust Bowl Dance


  1. Lady of the River (with Cadillac Sky)
  2. Go To Sleep (The Avett Brothers cover) (with Cadillac Sky)
  3. The Cave

In thinking about concerts I’ve attending in the past, I can’t help but draw comparisons to The Avett Brothers and one of my newest favorites, Local Natives. They all three focus on the energy of the show more say than set design or even song selection. It’s almost a little showy, like we know we’re amazing musicians so we are going to show you how athletic we can be simultaneously. They all three do a wonderful job at performing harmonies live. In fact the harmonies in the Mumford & Sons concert might be my favorite thing about the show. It’s just such an art and they’ve clearly worked hard to make it perfect, so bravo for that Mumford & Sons.

Overall, great show and if you get a chance to see them while they’re still playing smaller venues, go, because you won’t be disappointed!

I was able to get quite a bit of video from the show, and if you’d like to see more than what’s listed below, then you can visit my YouTube page at:

Sigh No More


Awake My Soul


2 Responses to “Concert Review: Mumford & Sons”

  1. ~annie Says:

    I was only mildly jealous of your M&S show, until I saw the videos.

  2. mrb Says:

    I guess Iphones are the new lighters?

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