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Concert Review: Frightened Rabbit May 3, 2010

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Where: The Masquerade (Hell)- Atlanta, GA

When: April 24, 2010

Bands can come up with some pretty creative names for themselves. (My personal favorite is the ambiguously named Girls who titled their debut album Album. It’s your worst Google search nightmare!)  Frightened Rabbit is probably up there on the list of ridiculously named bands. If I were to predict this band’s sound based on their name alone, I would probably imagine some Tiny Tim/Peter, Paul and Mary hybrid. This, of course, is not the case. There’s not much timidity or shyness to be found in this scrappy, loud-mouthed band of Scots. And while I was hoping to see some kilt action at this concert, I gladly settled for flannel shirts and unkempt facial hair.

The band opened with “Skip the Youth” which seems to be the standard for all of their shows on this tour. I think it’s a smart choice because while it’s a great song, it doesn’t give the crowd too much too soon. To me, opening with a song like this only helps build the anticipation for the crowd favorites; it keeps the energy and excitement going.

Skip the Youth

I wouldn’t presume to speak for the entire crowd, but my personal favorites from the band’s newest album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks,  and the ones I anticipated seeing most were: “The Loneliness,” “The Wrestle,” and of course “Swim Until You Can’t See Land.” The band’s energy was great, but as I mentioned in my last post about The Middle East, this venue just sucked.  The endless chatter of high schoolers set free from parental supervision for the night coupled with fairly bad acoustics made it difficult to hear anything too clearly.

One of the funnier moments of the night was when a young gentleman came onstage with his young lady for a surprise proposal. And the fact that the band was in on the surprise made them even more awesome in my book. Or maybe I am just getting gooey and sentimental over a good love story. Lead singer, Scott Hutchinson sweetly responded by saying “Yall give it up for Brent. What an f’ing brave guy. Jesus, what if she’d said ‘no’.” Of course, you’ll have to hear him say it live in that thick Scottish accent to fully appreciate it. Here’s the clip:

I enjoyed this concert. The band had a lot of energy and they interacted well with the crowd. That’s all I ever ask of a band really…

Here are a few videos from the show. Enjoy!

Swim Until You Can’t See Land

The Loneliness and the Scream

The Wrestle


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