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Gabriel Covers Bon Iver and Vice Versa April 2, 2010

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As most of you know, if you read my blog, I am a pretty big fan of Bon Iver and basically anything that Justin Vernon touches.

A couple of months ago I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr. Peter Gabriel had done a lovely cover of Bon Iver’s “Flume” for his recently release album, Scratch My Back. Critics have been pretty mixed in their reviews of Gabriel’s album which include covers of songs by David Bowie, Neil Young, Arcade Fire and Radiohead to name a few. Here’s his version of “Flume”:

Today I ran across an article from Stereogum detailing Vernon’s reciprocal cover of Gabriel’s “Come Talk To Me.” Both “Come Talk To Me” and “Flume” will be released by Jagjaguwar on April 17. Don’t go looking for on iTunes though. It will be released in limited quantity on a split 7”.

I think both covers are lovely, but I am pretty bias (reference Sentence 1). Judge for yourself.


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