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Update and Overload March 24, 2010

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It has been an eternity and a half since I have posted and I have a lot to catch up on. I would blame this extended absence solely on my real life job, but in all honesty it’s been fun things like the Oscars, trips to Cabo, quality time with sweet friends etc. that monopolized my time…in a good way.

I love the first part of the year in the music world because it’s faced paced. While artists are shoveling out new music each week, the constant anticipation of what albums are on the horizon is always palpable in articles and interviews. It really keeps me on my toes!

So, where to start?

She & Him released Volume 2 this week and much to my relief, it is just as sugary sweet as Volume 1. It’s warm and catchy and just plan adorable. Like puppies adorable.   I would categorize this as the perfect windows-down-sun-shining-toe tapping kind of album.

Laura Marling released the video for the third track “Rambling Man” from her album I Speak Because I Can, due stateside April 6th. It’s a much darker (literally and figuratively) Laura than 2008’s Alas I Cannot Swim. She looks and sounds much more mature in this video and you can’t help but hear the similarities to Joni Mitchell in this single. I’m a Laura Marling fan and I like the way her music is evolving so you can bet I will be purchasing this album in a couple of weeks!

We are getting so close to hearing actual tracks from the new Dead Weather album Sea of Cowards. The video for the first single “Die By the Drop” was leaked online yesterday for like half a second before it was snatched off by cruel, cruel people who are determined to make us all suffer.  The buzz I’m hearing is that the album is pretty much a continuation of Horehound, which can only mean it’s gonna be bad ass.

And speaking of Jack White, it was announced this week that he indeed recorded an album with none other than Jay-Z. I am scared to get my hopes up, but there’s just no stopping it…I predict amazingness.

The ever eccentric Girls is set to release an EP some time this year (vague enough for ya?). While a full LP won’t be out until next year at the earliest, we should expect this EP to be just as strange and wonderful as Album.  Owens told Drowned in Sound that he wrote seventy songs and narrowed it down to 6 for this EP. Seventy songs? What’s the hold up on the LP, then? Anywho, Owens talked about one of the songs: “It’s called ‘Carolina’ – there’s a version of it on the internet – and it hasn’t really been done justice yet. It’s written about this girl who was ‘Miss Teen South Carolina’…, and they asked her a question and she said something silly about wanting to teach people in Iraq how to read, and I thought to myself“Did she really just say that?” All I have to say to that is “awesome.”

On a personal note, I am very excited about all my upcoming concerts. Here’s what I have lined up for the Spring, thus far: the XX, Japandroids, Vampire Weekend, Beach House w/ Washed Out, OK Go, Blitzen Trapper and Phoenix. As usual, I’ll keep you posted with video and pics after each show.


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