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MGMT Talk New Album: Congratulations January 25, 2010

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I was reading an article in Spin Magazine recently about MGMT. Actually it was a Q&A with MGMT, a fact that instantly peaked my interest considering those crazy kids really do say the darnedest things. Often I find that it actually feels like I’ve taken drugs when I watch interviews of these guys, which means they must be having lots of “fun” if I can get a contact high through the television.



In this Q&A with singer Andrew van Wyngarden, he talks about their highly anticipated follow up to Oracular Spectacular. While this album, Congratulations, has not been given a specific release date, van Wyngarden did promise it would be available this spring. Not soon enough, if you ask me.

Some more drugs

The interview is pretty funny and I one of my favorite parts is where he talks about MGMT’s fame compared to that of the, er, eccentric Lady Gaga. He says

“Well, at first I brushed her off as crap. And then I realized that her videos are really creative, and I like that she’s getting more and more bizarre and spreading that to the mainstream. VH1 would say that she’s driven, that she wanted to be as famous as possible. That’s a very different goal from us. But I respect that she’s doing what she wants to do.”

Ah, but you can’t have it all, can you Andrew?

Of course van Wyngarden couldn’t help but bring up the duo’s habitual drug use. It is starting to feel a bit cliché  though and it really goes without saying at this point. Listening to their music, watching their videos, reading their interview or even just looking at pictures of them all clearly indicate they do lots of drugs. No need to point out the obvious.

The interesting bit of information van Wyngarden did divulge in this Q&A is that Congratulations is much “darker” than Oracular Spectacular. He says “In a weird way, it’s like a soul record. And there’s an instrumental track, the second to last song on the album, called ‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare.’” Classic.

I think this album will make or break MGMT. My hope is that Oracular Spectacular wasn’t just a fluke and this album will seal the deal for this band. If nothing else, I expect that it will be entertaining.


4 Responses to “MGMT Talk New Album: Congratulations”

  1. dee Says:

    Andrew is so hot!

  2. zen Says:

    andrew and ben are soooo cute ❤

  3. maribel Says:

    hey mgmt i love ur mucis umm

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