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Concert Review: Elvis Perkins in Dearland 11/5/09 December 4, 2009

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I feel like the worst blogger in the history of the world for not keeping this thing up on a regular basis. And not to torture you with my laundry list of excuses, but the real world and my real life job have sort of taken over all of my time and then of course there was Thanksgiving where the food took over all of that time…but here I am, ready to play catch up.

My concert list for Fall was pretty long this year and it included some of my favorite artists of the year, Elvis Perkins in Dearland being somewhere near the top of that list. In all honesty, EPID’s self titled album would have been enough to keep me smiling all year long, but seeing them perform live was like having the most delicious gourmet icing slathered on the most beautiful cake you’ve ever seen.

The concert started out with New Orleans style funeral procession, or “Jazz Funeral,” where the musicians made their way through the crowd to the stage while blasting their brass instruments and drums in an upbeat number. I must mention that this concert was held at the tiny Atlanta based club, The Earl, which was at capacity with around 200 people, so this musical procession was literally felt by everyone. And it only added to the excitement in the room.

The band started the night off with “Gypsy Davy” from the recently release The Doomsday EP and lead into “Slow Doomsday” from the same album.  The band continued by playing of the remaining tracks on The Doomsday EP as well as several songs from my beloved Elvis Perkins in Dearland album. And then  as if they were reading my list to Santa, they graced us with “All the Night Without Love” and “While You Were Sleeping” from Perkins’ solo album Ash Wednesday.

Perkins’ band, comprised of a bunch of rag tag looking misfits who could easily make you believe in the gypsies of Perkins’ imagination, are unarguably talented.  At any given time, any given member could be playing any number of instruments, some of which I had never seen before. I counted one guy play at least seven different instruments! It really was a spectacle.

The band had great energy and put on an amazing show. I had high expectations for this concert because of how much I love both albums they produced this year, and I have no complaints about their live show. There’s always a sense of relief when you see in person that the musicians you love are the real deal. It’s kind of refreshing actually.

Check out some of my video footage from the concert here:


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