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Concert Review: Dan Auerbach 11/14/09 December 4, 2009

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I like going to concerts alone every once-in-while.  Don’t get me wrong, having someone to share your mutual appreciation (or obsession) with is a great thing but if the situation arises where I must go it alone, I’m just saying I don’t hate it.

For one, it’s a lot easier to secure a front row position when you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. And equally as important, you can pull out all of the moves and obnoxious screaming you want and not have to worry about embarrassing your concert buddy.

I ramble on about this 1) to raise awareness of the awesomeness of the solo concert experience and 2) to describe my own Dan Auerbach concert experience (embarrassing moves and all).

If you caught my earlier posts on the Best of 09 (So Far), you’d know that Mr. Auerbach easily made the top of that list with his solo effort Keep It Hid, which was released in February of this year.

I’m gonna keep this as brief as possible, since I think the videos speak for themselves. Dan Auerbach puts on an amazing show. In fact, he’s the epitome of what a concert experience should be: He played all the songs from his album, making sure everyone got to hear his/her favorite and took us from extremely high highs with songs like “My Last Mistake” to beautifully low lows like “When the Night Comes” all while being frightfully ill with the flu!

I traveled from Charlotte to Chapel Hill to catch this concert and I could not be more grateful that DA was such a trooper and stuck it out through the concert even though he was visibly sick. Unlike the rock star persona he has with his band the Black Keys, Dan had to forgo cheap beer and liquor for hot cups of tea in between songs. I know, I know…If you are asking yourself right now if it’s possible for this man to be any more awesome, the answer is of course “no”.

It was honestly very difficult to hear his vocals on several songs, but I’m not sure if that was a technical issue with Cat’s Cradle or if it was a result of the flu. Whatever the case, the crowd filled in the vocals when necessary and the band deafened us with their amazing performances. And considering DA played all the instruments while recording the album, the band but insane amounts of energy into making the music sound even better than the original songs.

Sick or not, you would have been hard pressed to find moments where Dan faltered much. You’ve got to respect an artist that loves the fans enough to come out and give it everything he’s got, even if it wasn’t 100 percent.

I’d love to see the band again when everyone is on the top of their game, but if this is the only impression I am to be left with, I wouldn’t mind a bit. Excellent songs, excellent music, excellent band and excellent musician.

Check out some of my video from the show here:


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