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Preview Grizzly Bear Track for New Moon September 30, 2009

Filed under: Music,Music News,Soundtrack — bethstephenson84 @ 2:51 pm

Here’s a clip of the song “Slow Life” from the much anticipated New Moon Soundtrack. Featured on this track is Victoria Legrand of Beach House. Sounds like the Grizzly Bear I know and love!


2 Responses to “Preview Grizzly Bear Track for New Moon”

  1. YOBIGSIS Says:

    I love it! I hope they play this Monday at the show! I’ll let you know!!!!!!!!

  2. YOBIGSIS Says:

    As I had hoped, they played this one at the show last night, Variety Playhouse, Atlanta. Nothing short of amazing. I am pretty sure their interconcert light show rivals that of Atlanta’s boasted Stone Mountain, but slightly less patriotic. There were definitely fireworks going off in my mind and body and I give those grizzly bears two thumbs (and a big toe, just for good measure) up!

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