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Is This the Return of Ryan Adams? September 9, 2009

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Is he back from retirement? ….Who really ever knows with this guy, but the music world has been all a flutter today with the possibility of new RA music.

Apparently, Adams’ record label Pax-Am put out its first official digital release, “Lost and Found”/Go Ahead and Rain” today and it can be pre-purchase on his new website for $1.49. The release date is Friday, Sept. 11.

I am hesitant to get to excited about Ryan’s un-retirement, because the man is volatile. Brilliant, but volatile. If, however, this is a small pulse in the revival of Adams’ music career, I am over the moon. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I am willing to put up with this man’s crazy antics for just a few new songs.


One Response to “Is This the Return of Ryan Adams?”

  1. YOBIGSIS Says:

    This trumps my True Blood excitement for about 2.5 seconds…OMG…the thought, the anticipation…I will spend my last $1.49 on this genius…yes, yes I will.

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