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Elvis Perkins Sets Date for EP September 2, 2009

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perkins-doomsday-ep-aa If you could see me right now, you would see that I have my cringed-up-excited face on (which coincidentally is the same face I make when I see puppies). This facial reaction is a direct result of Elvis Perkins finally setting a date for the release of The Doomsday EP. Oct. 20: mark it on your calendar folks!

Perkins has taken the track “Doomsday” from the Elvis Perkins in Dearland album, which was release earlier this year and created a mini album around the sound and feeling of that song. In fact, the song “Doomsday” bookends this EP, beginning with the original and ending with a much slower gospel-y rendition.  Sandwiched in between both versions are 4 previously unreleased songs and the bonus track “Stay Zombie Stay” from his earlier album.

Here’s the track list

1. Doomsday
2. Gypsy Davy (Traditional)
3. Stay Zombie Stay
4. Stop Drop Rock and Roll
5. Weeping Mary (J.P. Reese)
6. Slow Doomsday

And you can download “Slow Doomsday” here.


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