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The Avett Brothers Concert Review- 9/8/09 August 30, 2009

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Rolling Stone magazine recently releases their Artists to Watch for 2009, and not at all to my shock or surprised did I see that North Carolina’s own, the Avett Brothers made this year’s cut. My lack of surprise came not from expecting the group to make the list, but from RS missing the boat completely on this band. And it’s not just the fact that RS chose a band that has been successfully making albums for the past 9 years that once again seems to discredit this magazine, but it’s also the fact that the only reason they were chosen was because of Rick Ruben’s involvement with their new album, and not because their outstanding musical talents. How much more mainstream and sellout can you be RS? Ah, but I apologize because this is a rant for another day. What I really want to talk about how amazing the Avett Brothers concert was and how much I am looking forward to the new album.

I recently went to see the Avett Brothers perform in front of a sold out crowd in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. This was my first Avett Bros concert experience and I couldn’t imagine a better place or time to see the group. With their new album set to release on September 29 and the excited locals creating the just-can’t-keep still kind of ambiance, the band gave a commanding performance with more energy than I have seen at a concert in a long, long time.  This band just seemed to be having fun doing what they love; which is something I can’t say of all of the artists I’ve seen perform this year *cough* Kings of Leon.

The most interesting thing I took away from the concert is how different their live performance is from their albums. While neither experience is better than the other in my opinion, I found that the concert was much more loud and energetic than the album versions. Where the albums are more vocally heavy, the live show had a much larger sound with a cello, upright bass, piano, banjos and heavy percussion. It was refreshing to see them take popular tracks and bring them tempo up to encourage crowd involvement.

Below is the setlist for this show. I was particularly happy to hear “Ballad of Love and Hate,” “Paranoia in B Flat Major,” “When I Drink” and “Murder in the City”. Their new material, while a bit of a departure from their previous efforts, was performed with a warm reception from the crowd.


1. Pretty Girl From Matthews
2. Left on Laura, Left on Lisa
3. Swept Away (with Bonnie)
4. Talk On Indolence
5. Ballad of Love and Hate
6. Tin Man
7. Colorshow
8. Salina
9. I and Love and You
10. Shame
11. Die, Die, Die
12. Go To Sleep (with Bonnie)
13. Tear Down the House
14. When I Drink
15. Slight Figure of Speech
16. Murder in the City (daughter, HER mother)
17. I Killed Sally’s Lover
18. Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise
19. Perfect Space
20. Will You Return
21. Paranoia in B Flat Major
22. Old Joe Clark
23. Distraction #74
24. Kick Drum Heart
25. Salvation Song

I purchase the EP of “I and Love and You” several weeks ago and I am definitely excited for the new album and I cannot wait for another chance to see the band live again. I hope you enjoy the few photos from the show and I am working on getting the videos to upload.

DSCF2093 DSCF2100


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